With an audience of around 300,000, Indy racer Buddy Lazier brought awareness to a cause that hits close to home for any parent, child, or anyone interested in ophthalmology and vision research.

Buddy Lazier’s daughter, Jacqueline, was born with aniridia, a condition characterized by a complete or partial absence of the iris, and which can lead to multiple eye-related problems, one of which is glaucoma. Several years ago, Lazier and his family were referred to the ophthalmologists at the University of Iowa and the Wynn Institute forVision Research. They were so inspired by the care they received that they chose to use their Indy Car to help tell their story and give hope to others with diseases such as aniridia.

As a practice who gets the chance to interact with patients just like Jacqueline, the Hudson Valley Eye Surgeon team can tell you that there are many families just like the family of Buddy and Kara Lazier, who dream of finding a cure for blindness and will do anything they can to help further the cause. For those of us who don’t have such a visible platform as anIndy Car to support vision research, we thank you Buddy for doing what you can do make a difference. We are proud of you.

You can learn more about anirdia here: https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/aniridia