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A leading eye care practice in Dutchess County, HVES is in the heart of the Hudson Valley, with a bridge to two of the most respected hospitals for eye surgery, Vassar Brothers Medical Center and The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. As the art and science of ophthalmology advances, Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons, PC is committed to remaining at the vanguard of advanced procedures and cutting-edge technology in Dutchess County. We have the full complement of high tech devices for diagnoses and treatment. Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons, PC is not only the guardian of your vision, but also the gatekeeper of your overall health. Proper treatment can detect life-threatening illnesses by exploring and testing your vision.
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Dry Eye Disease (DED) is a common and often chronic disease affecting the ocular surface. It affects approximately 20 million people in the United States and can have a profound effect on a patient's quality of life. Mild to moderate forms of DED can interfere with everyday tasks to include driving at night, reading and watching TV. Active contact lens wearers and outdoor enthusiasts have also experienced the harmful effects of DED and are unaware the problem is easily treatable if properly identified. Many aging patients don't realize the symptoms of dryness, scratchiness, burning or watering are classic for DED. Most associate their Dry Eyes with the aging process and therefore remain untreated. Trends in the diagnosis
of DED are shifting to the millennials who spend a significant amount of time viewing their personal mobile devices and working online. Ask one of our patient services representatives about scheduling an appointment if you are experiencing eye fatigue or dry eye symptoms.
"Hands down the best group ever. I see Dr. Palmiero and he is honestly the best eye doctor I have ever seen. I even told him at my last appointment that I always look forward to seeing him. I am a type 1 diabetic and when I first saw him and told him that he mentioned to me that he specializes in Glaucoma. Knowing that I will not have to see a different eye doctor if I ever do end up with Glaucoma sure does make me very happy. So far, I have no signs of Glaucoma at all. Even though my last appointment was almost 2 hours’ long because they had to do a regular eye exam, a visual field test, dilate my eyes and wait 15 minutes for eyes to fully dilate. In addition, to take pictures of my optic nerve and what it looked like this year compared to last year and he told me that it has not changed at all. The rest of your staff is also extremely wonderful and very helpful."

- Mike S.
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