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PROKERA ® is a corneal bandage devices are used by eye doctors to heal and treat eye diseases such as keratitis, common dry eye, recurrent corneal erosions , filamentary keratitis, herpetic ulcers, and many other ocular surface diseases.
Natural, Therapeutic Healing
The amniotic membrane tissue in PROKERA ® products, has natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. PROKERA ® products provide faster and more effective healing of the cornea with less pain, scarring and inflammation, leading to clear corneas and improved clinical outcomes.
The Healing Process
PROKERA ® biologic corneal bandage devices are safe and effective with no risk of intraocular pressure (IOP) spikes or delayed healing. PROKERA® products can be inserted in the doctor’s office, or may be inserted in a surgical or hospital setting in conjunction with other procedures. PROKERA ® products can also be used in combination with topical agents.