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Comprehensive, Complete, Intensive & Personalized Dry Eye Care
A New Approach to Dry Eye Management
With Daniel C. Brocks, M.D.
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The DRY EYE CENTER at HUDSON VALLEY EYE SURGEONS, PC was created by Dr. Daniel Brocks, MD to offer an in-depth approach to dry eye care. During these visits, Dr. Brocks will build an individualized program to get your eyes feeling better. All too often dry eyes are treated with only artificial tears and little else. In actuality, dry eyes may be caused by many underlying medical problems, medications, daily lifestyle and environmental triggers. Chronic dry eyes have become too complex to diagnose and treat the root cause in one regular length appointment. We have put together a dedicated team that is focused on giving you all the information we can about your dry eyes and what actions you can take to start feeling better.

What will be done at the DRY EYE CENTER?
The in-depth DRY EYE QUESTIONNAIRE is an integral first step in our approach to treating your dry eyes. By taking the time to fill out this questionnaire completely we can begin focusing our investigation on what is causing your dry eyes and where we should start with your treatments. Your visits will include a series of painless tests to evaluate your eye surface and dryness, extensive discussion of the causes of your dry eyes, and the development of a personalized plan for feeling better.

Does insurance cover my DRY EYE CENTER visit?

YES. Medical insurance will generally cover your Dry Eye Center initial office visit (you will be responsible for your usual co-pay), however, they may not cover additional evaluations, procedures or products that may be recommended. Anna, in the billing department, will gladly review this with you in more detail.
Please call Anna for more information
and to pick up your Dry Eye Center Questionnaire.


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Located in Dutchess County, Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons is here to help you with all your eye care needs and questions. For more information, please contact our office at 1-845-896-9280 or at


Dry Eye
Comprehensive, Complete, Intensive & Personalized Dry Eye Care
For A New Approach to Dry Eye Management Click Below
Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons is proud to offer BlephEx, an amazing technology used to treat Blepharitis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the eyelids. Blepharitis is caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria that lives along the eyelid margin and is often the precursor to more severe eye lid diseases, such as MGD and Chronic Dry Eye. Blepharitis can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, but generally becomes more prevalent as a person gets older since tears usually contain less antibodies with age. As these bacteria grows out of control, it begins to produce a biofilm that traps debris along the eyelashes. Bacterial toxins then become trapped and begin to penetrate the eyelid and cause it to swell, leading to possible damage to your tear glands and impacting tear production. Less tears with even less antibodies allow these bacteria to continue to grow, creating a vicious cycle which quickly spirals out of control if not properly treated. The BlephEx tool works by spinning a medical grade micro-sponge along the eyelid surface, eliminating scruff, bacterial debris, and the biofilm that builds up along the lid and base of the eyelashes, removing bacteria and destroying the environment it thrives in. Very similar to how a dentist removes plaque and tartar to prevent gingivitis, your eye doctor can now use BlephEx to remove the lid’s biofilm to prevent and treat blepharitis. With regular treatments, and intermittent at-home maintenance, we finally have the ability to treat a previously unsuccessfully treated disease!

"Hands down the best group ever. I see Dr. Palmiero and he is honestly the best eye doctor I have ever seen. I even told him at my last appointment that I always look forward to seeing him. I'm a type 1 diabetic and when I first saw him and told him that he mentioned to me that he specializes in Glaucoma. Knowing that I won't have to see a different eye doctor if I ever do end up with Glaucoma sure does make me very happy. So far I have no signs of Glaucoma at all. Even do my last appointment was almost 2 hours's because they had to do a regular eye exam, a visual field test, dilate my eye's and wait 15 minutes for eye's to fully dilate, and also take picture's of my optic nerve and what it looked like this year and last year and he told me that it hasn't changed at all. The rest of your staff are also extremely wonderful and very helpful."
- Mike S.