Treating Glaucoma at the Same Time as Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. More than twenty percent of patients who receive cataract surgery also have glaucoma and are taking at least one eye drop to lower the eye pressure.

New treatment technologies are available for patients who have glaucoma at the same time as cataract surgery. The general term for these treatments is Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery or MIGS. MIGS can reduce the number of eye drops needed for glaucoma treatment and, in some cases, can eliminate the need for glaucoma eye drops.

MIGS includes trabeculotomy, XEN Gel stent, Hydrus Microstent and iStent Inject. In all of these examples, the treatment is done using the small incisions that are already made during traditional cataract surgery. MIGS usually only adds a few minutes to the total procedure time.

I personally have the most experience with iStent Inject. FDA trial data showed that three years after iStent Inject was placed, there was a 68% reduction in the number of eye drops needed to control eye pressure. The same trial showed that 74% of patients were either on no drops or only one drop for glaucoma treatment. Patients who have had iStent Inject with their cataract surgery are enjoying similar reduction in the need for eye drops to treat glaucoma.

If you have glaucoma and are considering cataract surgery, please contact us at 845-896-9280 to see if you are a candidate for MIGS.

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